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Friday, June 15, 2018

 7:30-8:55 AM: Sponsored Breakfast
Central Wave Transmission Differences at Night vs Daytime
Carsten Skarke, MD
University of Pennsylvania
 8:55 AM:
Opening Remarks

 9:00-9:45 AM: Opening Plenary: Lifestyle, Arterial Health, and CV Risk
Gary Mitchell, MD
Cardiovascular Engineering, Inc.
 9:45-11:05 AM: Symposium: Arterial Function in Chronic Kidney Disease

 9:45-10:05 AM Arterial Function in Pre-end Stage CKD
Speaker: Ray Townsend, MD, University of Pennsylvania
10:05-10:25 AM  Arterial Function in End-Stage CKD
Speaker: Mohsen Agharazii, MD, Laval University

 10:25-10:45 AM Arterial Function in Kidney Transplant patients
Speaker: Mark Mitsnefes, MD, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

 10:45-11:05 AM Effect of Exercise on Arterial Function in CKD
Speaker: David Edwards, PhD, University of Delaware

 11:05-11:35 AM: Coffee Break, Poster Session, Vendor Exhibit

 11:35 AM-12:35 PM:
Tutorial Lectures
 11:35 AM-12:05 PM Wave Separation
Speaker: Julio Chirinos, MD, PhD, University of Pennsylvania

 12:05-12:35 PM Metabolomics and Vascular Function
Speaker: David Harrington, MD

 12:35-1:35 PM: Lunch, Poster session, Vendor Exhibits (Exhibit Hall)

 1:35-3:05 PM: Symposium: Nutrition and Arterial Function
 1:35-2:05 PM
Salt and Vascular Function

Speaker: William Farquhar, PhD, University of Delaware 

2:05-2:30 PM Salt and Neurogenic Mechanisms
Speaker: Sean Stocker, PhD, University of Pittsburgh
 2:30-2:55 PM
Dietary Fat and Vascular Function

Speaker: Elaine M. Urbina, MD, MS, Cincinnati Children's Hospital 

 2:55-3:10 PM Panel and audience discussion
 3:10-4:05 PM:
Coffee/Refreshment Break, Vendor Exhibit, and Poster Viewing
(2) 15-Minute Vendor Demonstrations

 4:05-5:35 PM: Oral Abstracts
 5:35-6:15 PM:

Sponsor Presentations or Coffee/Refreshment Break, Vendor Exhibit, and Poster Viewing

1) 15-minute Vendor Demonstration

 6:15-7:05 PM:

Debate: The Goal for BP Management: Should the Target be 130/80?
Pro: George Backris, MD, Northwestern University
Con: Raymond Townsend, MD, University of Pennsylvania

 7:10-7:40 PM  
Pre-Dinner Reception (Cash Bar)

 7:40-9:10 PM 
Sponsored Dinner

    Saturday, June 16, 2018

     7:00-8:15 AM: Sponsored Breakfast
     8:15-9:00 AM:
    Co-sponsored Symposium with Artery and Latin American Artery

     9:00-10:45 AM: Symposium: Exercise and Fitness Assessment, Arterial Function and CV Risk
     9:00-9:25 AM Use of CPX Data to Predict CV Risk
    Speaker: Ross Arena, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago
    9:25-10:00 AM  Exercise Blood Pressure: Prediction of Future Hypertension and Morality/Morbidity
    Speaker: Sae Young Jae, PhD, University of Seoul, South Korea

     10:00-10:25 AM Changes in Arterial Function Following Exercise Testing: What Happens and Why?
    Speaker: Sushant Ranadive, PhD, University of Maryland

     10:25-10:50 AM Changes in Arterial Function with Resistance Exercise: Acute vs Chronic Effects
    Speaker: Bo Fernhall, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago

     10:50-11:45 AM: Coffee Break, Poster Session, Vendor Exhibits
    (2) 15-Minute Vendor Demonstrations

     11:45 AM-1:00 PM:
    Symposium: Inflammation and Vascular Function
     11:45 AM-12:10 PM
    Inflammation and Vascular Function
    Speaker: Thais de A. Coutinho, MD, University of Ottawa Heart Institute

     12:10-12:35 PM CV Complications of Pneumonia
    Speaker: Vicente Corrales-Medina, MD, MSc, University of Ottawa

     12:35-12:55 PM Anti-Inflammatory Therapy and Vascular Function
    Speaker: Ian Wilkinson, University of Cambridge, MRCP, DM, FRCP

     12:55-2:05 PM: Lunch, Poster Session
    (1) 15-Minute Vendor Demonstration

     2:05-3:35 PM: Oral Abstracts
     3:35-4:05 PM:
    Closing Plenary: Retinal Pulsatility
    John Cockroft, MD

     4:05-4:15 PM:Award Presentations 
     4:15-4:20 PM

    Concluding Remarks

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